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Product Engineer:

Dublin / Europe / Remote (GMT +/- 3)

€65k - €75k+ & equity *

Why this?

  1. Build the next big chat platform
  2. Own and solve some fascinating and hard problems
  3. Join us at the very beginning

About this Role

What do we mean by Product Engineer?

There’s stuff that needs doing. We need someone to help us do it. The stuff that needs to be done is varied - it might be some new features on our react native app one day, then piping together some AWS services the next. You might need to spin up a quick web app for a user experiment, then debug a tricky API in one of our 3rd party vendors.

We’re looking for someone who is relentlessy resourceful - someone who is excited to solve new problems and learn new things. We hope that you’ll have a skill set that complements our own - you’ll know more about some things than we do, and we might be more experience in areas you’re unfamiliar with.

You might go deep on some areas of our stack and become the in house expert, but alway with an eye towards the shared mission and helping where help is needed.

About us

You’ll be joining our founding team of three engineers from Ireland (Patrick, Romy and David). While we take the opportunity in front of us very seriously we make sure to enjoy the journey along the way.

We started out building a totally different product. You can read about it in the Wall Street Journal, MIT Technology Review and The Atlantic.

We were part of the Y Combinator S19 batch and we’re backed by some pretty great investors (they were some of the first people to invest in the likes of Calm, Revolut, and Figma 🏅).

About your Job after this

No job lasts forever. Not even great ones. That’s the reality, really. So what do you want to do after working with us? This role will give you a look at what it’s like to try and build a new product and start a company. We have the funding part sorted, so it’s relatively safer than trying to start something yourself.

Worst case scenario, we fail - and you get to learn from the mistakes we make together. If you have the ambition to start your own thing, then this could be a great experience for you.

If we succeed, then you’ll have the opportunity to grow with the company. If your ambition is to become a leader within a bigger organization, this role could be the cheat code that helps you skip a few levels.

Either way, you’ll have free rein to go deep and learn on the job. If you want to stay as an individual contributor, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn by doing. There won’t be any guardrails to slow you down.

It’s not all Sunshine and Rainbows

No job is perfect, and most involve some trade-offs. Being a small nimble team is a blessing and a curse. The main difference is that when something goes wrong, there are no grown-ups to call. It’s up to us to fix it.

While we do have some friends and mentors that we call on for help, it often boils down to a couple of hours on Stack Overflow trying to get to the bottom of things. This can be frustrating and is one of the bigger shocks to the system after working in a bigger organization.

You will have to build a muscle for self-sufficiency. This is uncomfortable at first but the silver lining is that it forces you to learn quickly.

About You

Whatever you do, please don’t filter yourself out!!! Hopefully, you get the idea of what we want you to do eventually. If this sounds like something that you also want to do eventually, then please get in touch. No one hits the ground running.

CS degree? Bootcamp? Taught yourself? Whatever.

We care about what you can do now, and how quickly you can learn. It doesn’t matter how you got here. Our technical and product challenges are constantly shifting and changing, and the only way to keep up is to learn fast. This holds true even if you consider yourself an expert already.

Most of all, if you’re excited by the challenge, then COUNT YOURSELF IN!

Sounds good, what’s next?

If this sounds like an opportunity for you, send us an email at Please include a short paragraph about yourself and anything that might help us learn more about you. This might be:

  • A copy of your CV
  • A link to your LinkedIn
  • A link to your github page
  • A description of a project you’ve worked on before
  • A link to something you’ve built
  • (anything else you think is relevant, these are just ideas!)

If things move forward, the interview process will consist of an initial phone call, followed by a few technical conversations, a short project, and some pair programming time with someone on the team. We are flexible on timelines and should be able to accommodate you if you’re very busy right now.

If in doubt, please reach out 🚀


Are you open to part time applications?

  • This is a full time position, not currently looking for part time teammates right now (but please keep an eye out for roles in the future).

What’s your stack? (and also why isn’t this front and center!?)

  • We’re currently using React Native for our mobile apps and the backend is powered by a mixture of Ruby on Rails, Firebase and AWS services.
  • While previous experience with these technologies is a plus, we’re looking for someone with broad experience who sees languages and frameworks as tools and tradeoffs.
  • If you’re only interested using <insert-framework-here>, this role probably isn’t a good fit for you.

* NB: This a rough guideline for what compensation we expect for this role and will depend on seniority and split between cash and equity.